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The Pugmark Resort is fully support to YRCHC is a non-profit voluntary association registered in 2006, created solely with the purpose of helping the cause of developmentally disabled, Slow Lerner, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Autism children. Our lifelong aspiration to see such children on their feet as happy, useful, integrated members of the society.

The organization, has since its inception, has come a long way in supporting and serving multiply handicapped children. It has now acquired the reputation and goodwill of being a dedicated NGO providing selfless service to the society in its own way. Institute is now raying to develop expertise in handling special kids and developing them into normal, independent, confident citizens, capable of serving the society and the nation in almost the same way other citizens do.

But the journey was not so easy: It is not such an easy path to sail through! Working for the empowerment of differently able kids from small town Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur, institute existed unknown and unheard of as it is at times very difficult to convince the local town people that their kids can lead to self dependency in their later lives, though ceaselessly working silently for children with special needs. YRCHC pioneered the concept of integrated education well, at this stage, from the beginning of about 02 kids we are now reached to a figure of modest 50 kids who are taking the special classes from our expert’s physiotherapist, speech therapist and special education experts YRCHC has survived extreme hardships, including living through times without the basic amenities of adequate shelter, electricity and water, and today can boast of a completely independent and committed school, at Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur working and organizing camps in nearby villages to create awareness and to benefit these kids.

We have a commitment to the society: The underlying mission of YRCHC is to provide a quantum leap for the welfare and rehabilitation of children whose only fault is to have been born without normal facilities.

Making them responsible citizens: YRCHC is not just a non-governmental organization or a school of a different kind, it is the realization of a long cherished dream; it is a social movement; it is an infinite process. Our mission is to provide a quantum leap for the welfare and rehabilitation of children whose only fault is to have been born without normal faculties. Ensuring this welfare is the collective responsibility of a progressive and egalitarian society of which these children have a right to be an integral part. Our mission is- to make our students part of the new India , which is full of aspiration and hope; to be fully equipped to overcome any problem or difficulty and to strive ahead to be useful members of the society. WE are dedicated to serving the needs of multiply handicapped children, and its principal aims are to:

Maintain a motivated, dedicated and quality oriented team of professionals

Educate and prepare multiply handicapped children to live within the community, having achieved threefold independence- physical, social and financial- to the best of their abilities

Provide therapy and counseling appropriate to their needs

Actively contribute to programs towards building social awareness through media

Conduct critical research in key areas of special education and training with their limited resources

Provide expert legal advocacy to such persons and their families.  Trying and promote mutually beneficial relationships with international organizations which have similar objectives.

Contributing to the training and development of manpower in the field of special education.

Utilize science/technology to facilitate their physical and mental growth.

Making them ‘live’ every moment of their lives: The special child is the focus of all the activities at YRCHC We make them enjoy every moment of their presence at the campus, encourage them to bring out their inner feelings and talent, help them learn things that make them able and confident citizens. On one hand, we provide them education, while on the other; we assist them in acquiring physical abilities and strength. Excursions are taken up at regular intervals so that they can see the different dimensions of the world they are part of, and social/cultural programs are organized to facilitate their interaction with the society. All this has just one aim: to make our children a normal citizen in every aspect and to make them feel they are.

Our Special School educates and rehabilitates over 50 mentally handicapped children with the help of our directors, 06 trained professionals and teachers/aides. Admissions are not restricted by economic factors and as a result, fifty percent of the school’s students, who belong the weaker sections of society, are beneficiaries of free ships.In house professional expertise is available in the form of a speech therapist, occupational therapist and a special educator trained in the Delhi with Degrees in Special Education. It also has an association with highly competent doctors- physician, pediatrician, and neurosurgeon and eye specialist.

A day full of fun and hard work: A day-school, we cater to special children and adults from the age of 5-20 years, coming from all sections of the community. The programmed looks after children with severe problems, autism, as well as slow learners and those with learning disabilities. Grouping of these children is a skilled job in which each child is simultaneously programmed for and taught in a one-to-one situation and in a group. This optimum training module requires highly qualified staff and a maximum of 10 children to one teacher.A day at YRCHC is a blend of fun and learning- both being interdependent on each other. Each child has an individualized educational plan. The common point in all programmes is an emphasis on the child’s strengths, the child’s interest and making education as functional and age-appropriate as possible.

Unconventional style: A typical day consists of a few basic divisions: reading and writing, math, social studies, science, painting, free play, outdoor games, speech therapy and physiotherapy, depending on the need of the child. The programmed is implemented in groups of 4 to 6 children, in addition to one-to-one intensive. We follow an integrated curriculum i.e. there is no formal demarcation between the subjects. We choose the topic of the month and learn all about it in various forms, so that a lesson in reading often links up to social studies and even math. Arts are an integral part of the programmed. We use creative movement, drama, music, drawing and clay to acquire and reinforce concepts, to foster learning as well as the joy of creating.In short, a day with us taps the total child: encouraging his/her creative as well as logical side, structured as well as free expression. The children come at 9:00 am eager to enjoy a new day and go back at 1:30 pm, tired and happy.

Recreational outings: Varied and interesting trips are organized for students to familiarize them with the environment they live in. These trips are aimed at providing opportunities for the children to assimilate real life situations and to make their academic education functionally meaningful within their environment. Trips are therefore organized and paced in line with each group’s academic, physical and vocational level. Field visits include functional training at shops, post-offices, banks, bus stops, traffic squares, railway stations, restaurants, etc. Children at YRCHC also enjoy visits to parks, zoological gardens, amusement parks, circuses and museums.Awareness camps are held monthly in Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur as well as in nearby villages to educate villagers about these children needs and right to get the education.

If you want to visit YRCHC, The Pugmark Resort provide a complimentary Vehicle, please contact at Reception desk