Astronomy and Space

Here at Pugmark, we have developed astroport which is disruptive Astronomy and Space experience tourism destination for astronomy lovers and for students too!!

Here from Pugmark now you can see the movement of different Planets and other Deep sky objects. We have two activity Morning and Evening Activity.

Following is the list of activity at Astroport Pugmark-

Evening Activity:

  • Planet observation through the TELESCOPE, Students can see Jupiter ,Mars ,Saturn and ring of Saturn , Venus through the Advance Telescope.
  • You can see Birthplace of star “Nebula” they will also see different Deep sky Object which is millions of light year from the Earth like “Galaxy” “Nebula” “Star cluster” with the telescope.
  • You can see Different structure in the sky which is form by different stars known as “Constellation”
  • Milkyway observation – You can see milkyway galaxy from this place.

Morning Activity:

  • Rocket Making and Flying activity-Under this activity student make their rocket and they fly it and they will learn the actual concept of Rocket flying.
  • Viewing the sun safely through the Telescope -Under this activity student will understand how to observe sun safely.

Astrophotography Training:

Our educators will teach you some amazing techniques of Astrophotography.

  • You can make star trail.
  • You can capture milkyway photography.
  • You can capture Nebulae clusters etc.

The group of student can join these activities and they can experience such a fascinating thing in the sky Because they never get an Exposure of these things in the school.